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Every nightgown made by Madde is unique and it has it’s story – a copy of a pattern was found in a History Museum of ancient Latvians, another pattern was drawn from an original Victorian nighty that was bought in an antique shop in England, some other designs were made by Madde designer who finds her inspiration in the beauty of the old.

Madde nightgowns reveal the glamor of the antique to the contemporary woman. They create a special feeling for the one wearing them, telling fascinating stories and just for the night letting the woman feel how would it be to become a Victorian lady, an ancient Latvian farmer’s daughter or a duke’s lover.

All Madde nightgowns are handmade, using only natural materials like light cotton, fine linen or silky viscose. Madde nightgowns are comfortable to wear, easy to wash and made according to the highest quality standards.

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