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This French vintage fashion inspired underwear set is a real “mode de luxe” with all the juiciness, seduction and density of French culture and lush living of those times. This pajama/underwear set offers exquisite feeling of comfort, freedom and arabesque sensuality.

The pattern of the underpants is a precise copy of an original piece of French underwear fashion in 19th century.

PLEASE NOTE: The top is reversible and possible to wear back to front and the underpants are available with an open crotch (like in the original pattern) or closed crotch.

Available also in certified organic and naturally (no chemicals) dyed cotton.

Designed By Guna Nebare

Technical information:
Fabrics – 100% sateen cotton
Lace – 100% cotton

Materials: sateen, cotton, lace, satin, organic cotton, natural dye, naturally bleached cotton, naturally bleached, naturally dyed


US 2 | EU 34 (XS) US women's numeric, US 4 | EU 36 (S) US women's numeric, US 6 | EU 38 (M) US women's numeric, US 8 | EU 40 (L) US women's numeric, US 10 | EU 42 (XL) US women's numeric, US 12 | EU 44 (XXL) US women's numeric, US 14 | EU 46 (3XL) US women's numeric, US 16 | EU 48 (4XL) US women's numeric, US 18 | EU 50 (5XL) US women's numeric, US 20 | EU 52 (6XL) US women's numeric

Crotch opening

Closed crotch, Open crotch


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