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One-Stop Shop For Vintage Nightgowns

Choose to comfort your sleeping time with elegant, vintage-inspired nightgowns from Madde Vintage Nightwear. Add glamour to your life by wearing luxurious and smooth Victorian nightwear reflecting the classical boudoir times of Victoria. Turn up to our online boutique to get exquisite style Victorian nightgowns. Amaze yourself with a super cute look while seducing yourself to a pleasant sleep and dreaming to be a nymph belonging to Queen Victoria’s Palace, wearing our Victorian nightgowns.

We take pride that our creations are in-house and carefully and individually handcrafted using natural fibres to keep the nightgowns unique and special. Inspired by Victorian, Edwardian and French fashion, and moving towards bringing back the era of Victorian grace, we are focused on creating comfy and luxurious nightwear. Once worn, the flashback of Victorian balls will start playing in the back of your mind! So, if you are ready to transport to the Age of Kings and Queens, then get the feeling wearing our historical inspired nightgowns made of light cotton, soft linen and silk. Take time and browse, so your choice is true to your taste, colour, wish and sizing.

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