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Madde Vintage Inspired

Head Wrap Scarf in White Cotton

Head Wrap Scarf in White Cotton

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This Vintage inspired head wrap scarf or simply wrap is a precious accessory for your vintage nightwear.

During early times a wrap was an important accessory - you could wear it as a head wrap scarf as part of a fashion for an outfit during the day, wrap yourself in front of a fireplace in the evenings or a night headscarf to keep the whole body warm during cold weather.
These days a wrap or head wrap scarf is living its glory still - it is used as a fancy accessory with a vintage (or vintage inspired) nightwear or as an accessory to an casual outfit. It definitely has its own very unique cuteness and chic. We for sure love it!

The scarf is designed so that you can use it many different ways - simply as a wrap around your shoulders, wrap it in various different ways as a head scarf wrap or baklava, use it as a simple accessory just to make your outfit look more cute - you style it.

Available also in certified organic cotton.

Designed By Guna Nebare

Technical information:
Size - One size
Fabrics - 100% cotton or organic cotton

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