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Vecpiebalga Nightgown in White Linen

Vecpiebalga Nightgown in White Linen

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This is a pure linen traditional Latvian gown made from a copy of an original pattern borrowed at a Museum of Ancient Latvian Living in Vecpiebalga.
These kind of shirts were worn by people under traditional national costumes, during the night as a night gown or in a hot summer day working on the field during hey harvest.

Choose variations in colour:
White linen
Natural grey linen

Technical information:
Material: 100% soft linen
Lace: 100% cotton woven in Latvia

Sizing guidelines:

US 2 | EU 34 (XS) - waist 62cm (24.5in), hips 86cm (34in), bust 80cm (31.5in)
US 4 | EU 36 (S) - waist 66cm (26in), hips 90cm (35.5in), bust 84cm (33in)
US 6 | EU 38 (M) - waist 70cm (27.5 in), hips 94cm (37in), bust 88cm (34.6in)
US 8 | EU 40 (L) - waist 74cm (29 in ), hips 98c (38.5in), bust 92cm (36in)
US 10 | EU 42 (XL) - waist- 78cm (30.5in), hips 102cm (40in), bust 96cm (38in)
US 12 | EU 44 (XXL) - waist- 82cm (32in), hips 106cm (41.5in), bust 100cm (39.5in)
US 14 | EU 46 (3XL) - waist- 86cm (34in), hips 110cm (43.5in), bust 104cm (50in)
US 16 | EU 48 (4XL) - waist- 92cm 36in), hips 116cm (45.5in), bust 110cm (43.5in)
US 18 | EU 50 (5XL) - waist- 98cm (38.5in), hips 122cm (48in), bust 116cm (45.5in)
US 20 | EU 52 (6XL) - waist- 104cm (50in), hips 128cm (50.5in), bust 122cm (48in)

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