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Vecpiebalgas Treasure Nursing Nightgown in White Linen

Vecpiebalgas Treasure Nursing Nightgown in White Linen

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Vecpiebalga's Treasure Maternity Edition - suitable for pregnancy and nursing. The soft fabric of this nighty will cuddle you and your baby in a 100% natural linen. Plenty of material around the torso will accommodate your bump up to the last days of pregnancy. The hole that has been secretly sewn into the seams will let you feed your baby easily and comfortably in the night hours (or even during the day if you can't resist wearing this nighty all the time!).

The original pattern of this nightdress from 1880's was found in a Latvian history museum in Vecpiebalga. We found that these kind of nighties were usually worn by young women from wealthy families living in the country. The soft and a little transparent white linen gives a feeling of abandon and lightness, making it just the perfect nightdress to embrace the summer. This nightdress will for granted bring the carelessness of a warm summer night in the country. Can you already feel the smell of a hay stack...?

Choose from two variations in colour an fabrics:
Natural grey linen
White linen
White cotton
White Organic cotton

Material: 100% soft linen
Lace: 100% cotton weaved in Latvia

Design: Guna Nebare

Sizing guidelines:

US 2 | EU 34 (XS) - waist 62cm (24.5in), hips 86cm (34in), bust 80cm (31.5in)
US 4 | EU 36 (S) - waist 66cm (26in), hips 90cm (35.5in), bust 84cm (33in)
US 6 | EU 38 (M) - waist 70cm (27.5 in), hips 94cm (37in), bust 88cm (34.6in)
US 8 | EU 40 (L) - waist 74cm (29 in ), hips 98c (38.5in), bust 92cm (36in)
US 10 | EU 42 (XL) - waist- 78cm (30.5in), hips 102cm (40in), bust 96cm (38in)
US 12 | EU 44 (XXL) - waist- 82cm (32in), hips 106cm (41.5in), bust 100cm (39.5in)
US 14 | EU 46 (3XL) - waist- 86cm (34in), hips 110cm (43.5in), bust 104cm (50in)
US 16 | EU 48 (4XL) - waist- 92cm 36in), hips 116cm (45.5in), bust 110cm (43.5in)
US 18 | EU 50 (5XL) - waist- 98cm (38.5in), hips 122cm (48in), bust 116cm (45.5in)
US 20 | EU 52 (6XL) - waist- 104cm (50in), hips 128cm (50.5in), bust 122cm (48in)

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